Black Jar Honey Contest

2022 Louisiana Beekeepers Association Black Jar Honey Contest sponsored by the Louisiana Beekeepers Association

HONEY ENTRY FEE: $5.00 per entry (Cash Only)

Prizes: Cash prizes

LOCATION: 2022 Annual LBA Convention in Alexandria, LA (Registration Form has full location details.)

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Drop Off Friday, August 26 during Registration 8-9 AM at the registration table.

JUDGING: Friday, August 26 from 9:45 AM-5:00 PM

JUDGES: This is an open judging event meaning LBA invites the guest speakers, all LBA participants, and hotel guests to participate and vote for their favorite flavor.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: This contest is for fun and it meant to be informal and super simple for all participants.

General Rules for Entry of the Black Jar Contest:

1. The honey show is open to current LBA members.

2. An entry consists of one unmarked and unidentifiable glass jar of raw Louisiana honey (no infused or flavored honey), of no more than one (1) pound.

** National Honey Board defines raw honey as “honey as it exists in the beehive or as obtained by extraction, settling or straining without adding heat.” Raw means not pasteurized.

3. All honey must be produced, harvested, and bottled in Louisiana.

4. Contestants may submit up to three (3) separate entries.

5. Upon drop-off and entry registration, the entry will be recorded and receive a randomized number known only to the contest organizer.

6. Entries may be picked up Saturday, August 26, 2022 after winners will be announced at the LBA General Membership Meeting.

7. Contestants must be present to win.

8. Entries not picked up will donated.

General Rules for Judging of the Black Jar Honey Contest:

1. The contest will be decided by blind judging.

2. Judges evaluate entries for taste & flavor only. Visible attributes such as color, clarity, partial crystallization, etc., will not be considered by the judges. Presentation and jar appearance will not be considered by the judges.

3. Exhibitors may purchase Judging Tokens and participate in judging. Convention participants and hotel guests may also judge by purchasing tokens.

4. Judging tokens cost $5.00 for two (2) tickets. CASH ONLY.

5. Judging tokens may be purchased at the Registration table. A limit of four (4) Judging Tokens may be purchased by a judging participant.

4. Exhibitors may also purchase Judging Tokens and participate in judging as all entries are unidentifiable and randomized.

5. The Contest Organizer will catalog all entries and assign a random number to each entry.

6. Judges will only enter the judging area after the Contest Organizer has cataloged & labeled all entries.

Prizes and Awards:

1. Winners must be present to receive cash prizes. The winners will be announced Saturday, August 26, 2022, as part of the LBA Annual Membership Meeting.

2. The Black Jar Contest will have one first place winner and one second place winner. The first-place winning honey will be acknowledged as the 2022 LBA Tasters’ Choice Best Honey in Louisiana” and receive a cash prize. The second-place winner will receive a cash prize.

3. Prize money values are paid out from the sum of Entry Fees and Judging Tokens sales. If you have any questions regarding the contest, please contact Michelle Orillion at

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