The Louisiana Beekeepers Association (LBA) is committed to the preservation and sustainability of the honey bee as a pollinator and producer of agricultural, industrial, medicinal and consumer friendly products, through education and scientific research.

The LBA works to educate the public on the importance of the honeybee as an environmental and agricultural resource. We also work with the scientific community to further research on the health of and sustainability of the honeybee as a pollinator and producer of honey and other products of the hive.

For Louisiana beekeepers, membership in the LBA is not just a privilege, but more importantly, an obligation. Louisiana beekeepers can only help themselves and their industry by participating in the dialogue that sets our state’s beekeeping policies, which is best accomplished through a strong state beekeeping organization. Click the “membership” link above to join or renew your membership today and partner with like-minded beekeepers in Louisiana to promote a healthy, productive beekeeping industry.

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